Somewhat sporty summer activities

Somewhat sporty summer activities

It’s summer time! The weather is nice, there’s lots of sunlight…and then the heat arrives.

What can you do to stay healthy? Should you stay home and decide that you’re not going to go anywhere whilst it’s so awfully hot outside? Can you perform any physical exercises at home?

My comfort zone extends to the 30-degree mark and no further. Whenever it’s this hot I find myself incapable of using any of the home exercise equipment that I have. Living without an air conditioning system isn’t exactly the most pleasant experience, even if I’m doing my bit for the environment all the same. Instead, I have to use all a clever mixture of fans, ventilators and air circulators in order to survive the heat wave. My level of physical exertion during this time usually doesn’t go beyond the effort required to refill my water bottle and going back to my desk to continue my misery.

After putting up with such an existence for longer than I care to admit, I decided I needed to make a change. I happen to live near a very lovely public park, you know the kind with happy families walking around and dogs with bones falling out of their mouths with wagging tails, and I also happy to live near the river Main itself as well, which is usually full of lots of cyclists with a tendency to ignore stop lights.

I find that being near water especially helps to make me feel more energised, both mentally and physically, and better able to cope with the heat. Simply walking itself also makes me feel better and, paradoxically, cooler even though it is usually much hotter outside than it is inside. Fresh air revitalises me and gives me the incentive to walk even longer than planned. Most importantly, going for a walk also gives me the chance to reflect, to pause and to appreciate the natural beauty of my surroundings. Sometimes there is deep satisfaction to be found from the simplest of activities!

Take care and stay safe!


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